OrgBoat Guide

Types of Reports

There are several types of reports you can choose from our report menu to describe perfectly any situation.

The members of your team must choose from this options when writing reports for better classification of the issues affecting the organization.

Let's review each of them!
  1. Damage report
    When damage has been done to anything. It is always written to the person who did the damage, the person in charge of what was damaged or the person in charge of cleaning it.
  2. Misuse Report
    The wrong or improper use of any material or equipment.
  3. Report Abuse
    Choose Report Abuse when realizing there’s been a situation of abuse with you or any other employee. A situation of abuse can be someone giving directions when he or she is not in that position, or can be a more serious situation like someone
    denigrating an employee.
  4. Report Waste
    Choose Report Waste when you find someone using an excessive amount of material when it’s not necessary. Materials like paper, ink, electricity, water, etc.
  5. Leisure Report
    Choose Leisure Report when finding someone not doing their job. Taking extra breaks, walking around the office just chatting or interrupting people. Use it whensomeone is not accomplishing due dates. When someone is showing up constantly late and leaving too early.
  6. Alteration Report
    Choose Alteration Report when realizing someone is altering the line process. It is very common to find people trying to shorten the process, so use it for this kind of situation than can affect the whole organization.
  7. Lost or Stolen
    Choose Lost or Stolen when something goes missing and you know it was someone’s fault for not paying attention or being careful. Use it when you know for a fact someone stole something.
  8. Finding Report
    Choose Findif
  9. Report of Default
  10. Error Report
  11. Absence Report
    Choose Absence Report when someone doesn’t show up to work unannounced or is not at his or her work area during work hours. 
  12. Report for not Report
    Choose Report for not Report when you know someone has knowledge of a problem or situation and doesn't says anything or reports to superiors.
  13. False Witness Report
  14. Hassle Report