OrgBoat Guide

What is Orgboat

It is a smart and simple management software designed to reach productivity levels you have only dreamed of. OrgBoat establishes a framework, analyzes and unifies each person's job into a powerful, unified force.

Its function is to separate and coordinate information to make sure you followup with people, keeps and filters a record of future actions and also logs past behavior for evaluation purposes.

Our Solution

Orgboat is here already, you just have to use it. When it's used, it will give the results of what good organization gives: success, expansion and control.

Set the structure of your organization and give access to its members, automate activities, plan your days, keep records of everything, utilize internal chat communication, measure productivity and much more.

Why OrgBoat

We are living in the beginning of a new era. An era in which speed can determine if your organization prospers or smashes into the ground. This economy is vicious and you need to be ready. Control is evolving in to the digital age and work is done in less time than ever imagined, thanks to technology.

We are living the era of information at our fingertips, and this means power. Systems are here to make things work more efficiently and we have created a system that handles the principles of organization.

Organization is the discipline that determines how fast you can produce. It also lets you unattach yourself from the office when you want to. Orgboat is a tool that makes getting things done less of a hassle and more simple.


The Big Idea

We’re tired of working dead-end jobs where we know we’re walking on eggshells every day. We developed OrgBoat because we want to change the workplaces of America and of the world.
Many of us have had too many positions where we just drag ourselves to work in the morning and felt like there was no way out; taxes taken out of our pay at the highest bracket and getting paid according to the clock instead of according to our value.”

As a business owner or even as a Human Resource Director, you create a universe; a universe with specific rules and regulations. You create the atmosphere where not only your employees are, but also where you are. You can make it something enjoyable and productive or horrible and full of terror.

In this world we have a responsibility to make sure we have an economy.
An economy is built on industry and industry is built of men and women with ideas. It can only thrive where people are working and creating things with which to sell and deliver in a society.

We have a workable solution; a solution that puts you in control and also gives your employees piece of mind.

The demand of rise in wages is also met with a rise in taxes and inflation. Employers are desperately looking for something to increase the efficiency of their workforce without them having to learn everything there is to know about how people tick.
Employees want a safe and sane place they can work, where they can come home to their families after a day of work and feel REFRESHED, not beaten to a bloody pulp. It’s time for a renaissance in the way people are treated and in the way workplaces are run.

Our Vision

Hiring is time-consuming and expensive. We made OrgBoat to make it so that people want to stay in your company. We want to make your company into something that people never want to leave. Something that reduces the stresses of your business dramatically. OrgBoat is a cloud-based solution that offers you all the tools you need to make all this happen.

Anyone should be given the chance to contribute.
 Anyone should be given the chance to build something to contribute to the society. 
Every company needs to have a solution to be able to take anyone with basic intelligence and skills then have the option to help them move up into more responsibility.