OrgBoat Guide


With reports your team will be able to express or communicate a situation that can be affecting the performance of the company you are working for.

This will allow your team to have an opinion in a professional and responsible way without making a gossip and cause distractions for your co-workers.

Let’s find out how to do it!

In your profile, go to the section REPORTS.
You’ll find an inbox and an outbox section.
The inbox it’s the archive of reports that has been written for the profile you are looking at. This reports CAN ONLY BE DELETED BY DIRECTORS. It is important to know this reports are NOT anonymous, so you’ll be able to see who wrote the report and when; in this way all the information will be transparent and clear.

The outbox shows all the reports that have been written by the person holding that profile. Don’t forget this section is for helping the company have all the information necessary to improve and make positive changes, so use the reports in a responsible way.

Now you’re ready to write a report following the next few steps:
  1. In the Reports section click the blue “Write a report” button.
  2. Select the type of report you’re going to write. There’s several options for you to choose.
  3. In the next input you'll have to select the person you are writing the report to.
  4. In the “report” text-area you need to explain the problem or situation you want to communicate so it is clear and justified.
  5. Click on the “add report” button, you can always tick the “email notification” box to notify the incoming report to the receptor.