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OrgBoat's consulting
services are something unique.

Reason Behind.

Our system was developed based entirely in observation.
OrgBoat was made after analyzing the data without letting external interpretations and evaluations justify reasons for what we found when to improving working environments.

By doing it this way we ended up overcoming all
social layers that can blur the truth.

We will help to escalate your business and take it to the next level. Your company will be ready for exponential growth.

We are in the business of improving working conditions.
Our consulting will make things go better in any organization as it handles the principles of  good organization.

We make life easier for those who by hard and honest work earn their lives and correct those trying the opposite.

Implementing OrgBoat

1. Create a better organization by implementing our software.

2. Identify & handle human factors that can and may be affecting your company.

3. Make a reliable viewpoint with the right source of information.

4. Standardize production, posts and communication lines.

5. Establish the purpose and structure of the company and make them available and known by everyone to create coordination.

6. The implementation of RTD (Real Time Data) for the productivity and situations going on in your company.

7. Simplify personnel rotation and training.

What to expect?

A company running smoothly with OrgBoat.

Learn how to read the data generated and understand productivity patterns that will help determine what is  poor, average or great production. 

Working inside a team for a long time can and does fix ideas and behaviours making it difficult to change and make new improvements. It is always good to have an external objective mind to see indicators that may be hiding from you.

We will clear you out of many problems and simplify your job.

Let's focus in achieving your goals!
- Team OrgBoat

What We Know:

The Human Side Of THINGS.

Human Behaviour

Not everyone within a group is trying to make things better for everyone. Knowing how to detect, correct or get rid of those who do wrong can help good people have a healthy environment to work in. We are not in the business of making bad people good people, we are in the business of
improving working conditions.


The Web & SEO Solutions

Search Engine Optimization services. 
- Expose your business to people looking for it in the internet by adding keywords to your website to bring more qualified traffic, grow your active users and their engagement, brand searching analysis, search around the internet to find out the brand presence and how it compares to others. Fixing Popularity Problems.


Communication channels

The importance of communication. How to clean and establish communication channels correctly.

How to transmit your message effectively. Learn how different personalities influences and uses communication according to their emotions and how to consider them at the moment of creating relaying positions on a coorporate network.


Protect from black hackers!

Advanced-Cyber-Security strategies to protect your business and avoid confidential information leaks

Cyber attacks and risks companies have to be prepared for in this new digital era.
- Training your team against this situations is probably the must important and proven solution to minimize attacks.
- How easy it is to hack your company’s network?


OrgBoat's Implementation

Establishing how things work make it easier to keep things working.

Standardizing production, posts and processes. Keep a record of all of them up to date.


How we get things done.

We will teach you how we get things done.
What tools we use, what are them and how to use them.
Our technologies will let you analyze what is going on in an objective way so that you can take the best decisions.

Do you need to develop your own technologies?

let us help YOU!

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