What it takes to make it as a stay at home Mom


What it takes to make it as a stay at home Mom

By Ashely Winters

Working from home is a mother’s dream job! When it comes to taking care of your family and being there for them, the flexibility to set your own hour work when you can and take time off whenever you need to are crucial. However, whether working at home or in a 9-5 office job, there are struggles you have to overcome to make it. The Jess Lee Writes & Co team and authors of The Mommy Chronicles Group have overcome their fair share of obstacles and learned what it takes to make it at becoming a team of thriving work-at-home mothers.

Being a One Man Team can be Overwhelming: One of the biggest reasons we decided to become a team is because, in the freelance world, the work is all or none so to speak. When it rains with work, it pours and sometimes it’s overwhelming. As a team, when one person needs help, there are others to do the work. Instead of trying to all make it on our own, we joined forces and took on the work as a team of social media marketers, content creators, bloggers, and graphic designers (there’s only 4 of us, but we can do it all).

Not Everyone Likes Teams: Believe it or not, when a person or company is hiring freelancers, they are hesitant about hiring a team of freelancers. The problem is that people want to know exactly who they are working with. Because we are a team of mothers, obviously our schedule is revolved around our family, and very rarely do we all have the same free time. So, meeting together with a client at the same time can be a challenge. However, we have been able to venture out and find local and remote clients that understand the benefits of having a whole team working for them.

An Office Outside the Home is Counterproductive: As a small business, we were super excited about branching out and jumped into getting an office outside of the home. What we realized is that we work from home for a reason, and taking the time to go to an office is counterproductive. We pay rent for an office space none of us really use. When you choose to work from home, it is really hard to go back to an-office kind of environment. So, in establishing our business, we realized we are work-at home moms who do better work at home!

Communication is the Key to Successful Business: With Facebook, cell phones, Slack, and a million different ways to communicate, you would think communicating would be easy, right? Well, because there are so many ways to communicate, we realized that having conversations on many different platforms can cause confusion. We had to decide on one way to communicate, and make sure everyone knew what was going on. We have a group chat on FB and everyone has their own email that is attached to a single email, so we all stay in the loop. Being able to communicate about clients, work and other related information is crucial to keeping any work at home business running smoothly.

Working from Home Takes Perseverance: Starting your own business doesn’t happen overnight. Whether individually or together, it takes time for a business to build rapport with their customers, find their ideal clients, and work out all the kinks. When starting a business, you have to persevere through the hard times in order to get to the good times. No business starts out on top making millions a year (we still have yet to make millions), but if you want to make it in the work-at-home business, you have to have perseverance.

We are a group of work-at-home mothers who have decided we will succeed! Being a mom is tough and starting a business from scratch is hard, but both can be done. We have proven not only that we are devoted to staying at home with our kids, but are dedicated to our clients as well. As individual mothers and as a team of dedicated workers, we know what it takes to make it and aren’t afraid to give it our all. If you’re starting a business, our words of encouragement are to keep going and never give up.

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