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what we solve

OrgBoat Establishes the Foundation of any Organization.


Have you ever felt overwhelmed when someone leaves the position and you need a replacement?

Keep records of complete descriptions for every job position, its duties and functions so when the usual person is absent this can be reached up and done by someone else. Lack of productivity can be a result from a misunderstanding of a job itself.

Battle Plans

How do you communicate goals and deadlines to everybody in your team?

The Art of War says it best:
“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” In other words, make sure your business has a plan before battle. If you need to spend an entire day preparing, do it.


How do you measure success? What factors are causing trouble?
Who are your best team members?

OrgBoat is a smart and simple management software designed to reach productivity levels people  have only dreamed of.

Identify problems and correct them before it's too late.
Observe  behavior patterns.


1.    Internal Chat.
2.   Group Chat.
3.   Share Files 
4.   Reports. 
5.   Post News.
6.   Automate Activities.
7.   Set Reminders and Due Dates.
8.   Establish Ground Rules with Policies. 
9.   Plan your days with Battle Plans.
10. Ranks and Roles for user's rights.
11. Encourage Team Members with Commendations.
12. Categorize Activities.
13. Send e-mail notifications and reminders.
14. Analytics - Expired tasks and more. 
15. Set all the Divisions of your Company. 
16. Add all your team members. 
17. Get notificacions when important things happen. 
18. Records of every  Job Description and Responsibilities.
19. Use statistics to manage and measure  productivity. 
20. Fast view of what your team is doing.


OrgBoat is a workable solution.

Get all the tools you need to get things done and bring order to your team.

OrgBoat will give you a clear understanding of the pieces of your company and how they work together. It will optimize the overall productivity.

Let OrgBoat help you succeed in your business life and free you from endless hours and money wasted for lack of good management.

More Tools to Succed


There is tons of information being fed into our minds round the clock. We need to organize it in order to get better results. Information is not power, Knowledge is power and sorted out and organized information is knowledge.

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It's important for OrgBoat to provide the right documentation to its users. In this section you will find all the information required for getting started, learn what you can do and how to use its features.

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Access a huge collection of job descriptions for many professional areas.
Use this information to start building each position in your organization reuse it and customize it to fit to your needs however you need it to be.

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